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To discuss

Changes proposed by Csaba

Module reorganization


The listing of modules should be organized from the vantage point of an early stage end user. Power users know what module they want and usually look in the alphabetic listing. Developer oriented tools should not be prominent and should not crowd the listings. Developers should be directed as much as possible to the wiki as a start point.

  • We should reorganize the listing of modules in such a way that each category has only one choice per category/subcategory presented initially and everything else is under a tab called "Advanced". This is consistent with the way modules in Slicer should be organized.
  • We should come up with guidance for developers on how to organize extensions. In some cases it makes sense for them to be in their own category and some cases, individual modules should be spread out to existing categories. Modules derived from extensions should have the extension acronym inside the module name. As a general rule, extension derived modules should be under the "advanced" section of a category so that the top level is not "messed up"

Listing of Modules

Attaching units to image data

  • This issue comes up in PET processing when we need to store SUV corrected volume.
  • Is there a similar issue for RT data?


  • Julien mentioned that at some point he will be working on adding "unit" awareness application wide
  • Reviewed modules re-organization proposed by Ron
    • Wizard category will be removed + ChangeTracker will be added to Quantification
    • Endoscopy -> will be moved into extension
    • Testing + Developer tools: Hidden by default. It will be possible to show "DeveloperTools / Testing" by enabling it from the settings.
    • Resample category: We probably need to discuss further
    • Editor in both segmentation and core modules - What should we do instead ?
    • Filtering: We need to come up with a clear plan
    • Surface Models: ICP. It shouldn't be to hard to create the associated extension.
    • Multivolume: It seems creating a "Multivolume" category makes sens.
    • Deprecated / Legacy: Let's refine which module belong to this extension. See
      • Discussed concept of meta-extension (similar to what is done in ubuntu for example) ... it is just an extension that specify a list of other extensions that should be installed. It would give us flexibility.