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To discuss

  • Cleanup: Move the following classes from Base/Logic to Modules/Scripted/Editor/Logic or Modules/Scripted/EditorLib/Logic</code ? This classes are used exclusively by the editor module.
vtkImageConnectivity (Also used within CLI DiffusionWeightedVolumeMasking)
  • Cleanup: Remove Base/Logic/vtkImageRectangularSource ? In the comment at the top of the class, it is mentioned it was used as a test but there are no test. Additionally class vtkImageDilateErode3D now lives in VTK proper.
/// vtkImageRectangularSource creates a binary image of a ellipsoid.  It was created
/// as an example of a simple source, and to test the mask filter.
/// It is also used internally in vtkImageDilateErode3D.
  • Cleanup: Are the following classes used ? They are not referenced anywhere in Slicer. May be in some extension ?
  • Cleanup: Move Base/Logic/vtkSlicerFiducialsLogic into Annotation logic? This class is used only by vtkSlicerAnnotationModuleLogic
  • Cleanup: Remove class Base/Logic/vtkSlicerGlyphSource2D ? Doesn't seem to be used. This class has originally been added by r2013 to make a new starburst glyph.
    • Instead, the VTK class should be extended and improvement contributed.
  • Cleanup: Remove class Base/Logic/vtkSlicerROILogic ? Not user anywhere. This class was originally used by vtkSlicerROIGUI which has been removed with r16260
  • Cleanup: Move Base/Logic/Resources/ColorFiles to Modules/Loadable/Color/Resources/ColorFiles ?
  • Cleanup: Move Base/GUI/Tcl/ImageData/*.png to Modules/Scripted/EditorLib/Resources/ ?
  • Extension Bundle Template
    • Should include top level cmake and stubbed out examples for one of each scripted, loadable, and CLI module
    • Suggested starting point for extension developers
    • Basis for detailed walkthrough tutorial