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To discuss

  • Specific module at startup (Julien)
It sounds like there would be a need to:
 - open a specific module at startup
 - pass command line arguments to such module to configure correctly.
  • Nicole: Reopened bug 2557 due to failing test atlas tests
  • Results of meeting with the PNL group who wish to move their DTI processing pipeline to Slicer4
    • there will be some feature requests and bug reports as they prioritise their needs
  • Steve: ITKv4 Release mode build on windows
  • Wiki Documentation: Should we have link like:
  • PythonQt changes integrated upstream. Thanks Florian :)
  • OpenSSL integration


  • Loading of image with ITKv4/Win - Fixed - Was missing itkConfigure.h include.
  • Issue 2557: Sankhesh will be looking at this
  • Kent is finalizing its work related to ITKv4 / DCMTK
    • Every project has its own version of FindDCMTK.cmake. Idea: Organize a hackfest to develop DCMTKConfig.cmake and remove the need for FindDCMTK.cmake
  • Discussed how Slicer could be used in place of MRIWatcher
    • A module could register a custom layout
    • New approach to load files: Each type of image would be associated with a regular expression. This would allow every user to define which filename matches what.
    • Load dialog: Concept of global option
  • Steve reported that EMSegment and BRAINS worked on its win 64 build
  • Wiki page of the form: will be added. These page would redirect to the current stable version of the doc.
  • Discussed Qt 4.8.4 integration. Steve reported it worked on Linux/Mac/Windows for him. Hans reported he was using it for few months already.
  • Discussed the generalization of External_*.cmake projects for easier re-use in other project.
  • Mentioned that Dashboard scripts on the factory has been moved to:
    • A convenient script has also been created to make script deployment easier.