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To discuss

  • Displayable Manager architecture with Laurent Chauvin - See
  • Build issue on OpenSuse with Shireen Elhabian - See
  • Transformation matrix pre-multiply vs post-multiply issue (ask Alex Yarmarkovich) - See
  • ITKv4 builds
    • Windows: illegal parameter from the moc.exe call. Jc: -I is a parameter of moc executable. We would need to pass all parameter through a file.
    • MacOsx: dcmtk link error
  • Questions/Issues from Dorian P
    • I am using Win7 x64 and Slicer 4.2.2-1 r21513. The icon on the program menu is the default when a new program is compiled. While Slicer 3 has its own icon.
    • A personalized setting for antialiasing or number of triangles could be appropriate. I could also try the settings on the graphic card, but don't think will work.
    • By the way, can I change tube thickness? I searched for this setting without success.
  • Auto Apply CLI - J2
    • Is it ok if I add a checkbox in the Apply button of the CLI. If checked, the Apply button stays down on click, then anytime the input is modified, the CLI is run again (with some timer to make sure it's not run all the time).


  • Described the DisplayableManager architecture to Laurent
    • To be able to implement what Laurent would like to do, re-using the ruler annotation would be the way to go. Nicole and Julien discussed what could the approach and the amount of worked required to enable the ruler. See vtkMRMLAnnotationDisplayableManager.cxx line 694
  • OpenSuse build issue
    • Sankhesh couldn't reproduce the issue in a virtual box. This would be re-addressed later.
    • Shireen was building as root and an error copying the python library was occuring. See below. We advice her to re-start a build as a non-root user.
(cd /scratch/SLICER-BUILD/python-build/bin; ln python2.6 python)
rm -f /scratch/SLICER-BUILD/python-build/bin/python-config
(cd /scratch/SLICER-BUILD/python-build/bin; ln -s python2.6-config python-config)
/usr/bin/install -c -m 644 ./Misc/ \
/scratch/SLICER-BUILD/python-build/bin/python: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

To reproduce in slicer python console:

>>> lm =
>>> w = lm.threeDWidget(0)
>>> v = w.threeDView()
>>> rw = v.renderWindow()
>>> rw.SetAAFrames(5)