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To discuss


  • Checked with Jim: update of Jqplot won't be backported
  • Alex will check that topic associated with issue 2374 works.
    • Alex checked during the hangout and found out an issue. Julien will be fixing the issue.
  • Nicole will touch base with Jim about issue #2732.
  • Jc: #2535 - Check that SlicerRt extension can be installed on linux + plastimatch module working
  • Issue 2513 - Seems there are still issue with the mdb ...
  • Discussed failing test py_AtlasTest
    • Error SystemError: Objects/classobject.c:508: bad argument to internal function has been identified by Steve and will be fixed.
  • Discussed Markus issue. The options are:
  • Andriy discussed new issue 2748, seems to be a regression related to 1817
    • Seems storage node is missing
    • Julien: Way of loading module should be uniform, should avoid code duplication
  • Discussed mantis workflow
    • Nicole pointed out that the difference between Acknowledged and Confirmed may be a source of confusion
    • We should revisit the workflow discussion after the release and we migrate to git.

Additional material