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To discuss


  • Nicole: Tutorial 11, 12 and 13. Will be validating on Linux later today
  • Show stopper - Fiducials jumping around (Linux and MacOSX):
    • 2473: Fiducial/Ruler shifted
    • 1914: Visibility in three slices
    • 1690: Code managing annotation in lightbox has been disabled and need to be re-enabled and debugged.
    • 2521: Some scenes will probably have to be updated in case of visibility issue related to fiducials
      • Need to identify which tutorials are using both scene restore + fiducials: Tutorials 3, 4, 5 and 6. Nicole, Sonia and Ron will have to discuss to see if Scene Restore section of the demos should simply be removed.
  • Check with Sonia if October 29 is okay date for the release.
  • Issue 1723: Nicole will checj with Marianna
  • Issue 2440: Demian will talk to Alex to check if he can address this before Saturday
  • All developers:
    • Make sure to resolve your issues before Saturday
    • If not possible, add a note
    • If an issue involve some refactoring, push a topic and attach it to the issue first. Do NOT commit code if you you can anticipate if will break something !