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To discuss


  • Ron discussed:
    • issue related to SlicerRT and DICOM:
      • Nightly build -> Install SlicerRD -> Load DICOM -> It hangs
    • Complex DTI scene of Sonia does NOT make Slicer crash anymore :) but it is still very slow.
  • Steve:
    • Based on profiling result, qMRMLSceneModel seems to cause performance issue. We should either rebuild/call it less often or optimize it.
  • Reviewed, commented and ping the developer of the issue targeted for 4.2 and having severity "crash".
    • #2378 - Probably fixed. Need to confirm
  • Discussed crash related with annotation. Probably a problem following the creation of DisplayableManager and Logic library ? Jc will have a look
  • Render windows failed to update part of it after a windows have been overlayed on the top. See #2630
  • Looked at the list of failing test on windows.
  • Michael: How should we represent a module that start a long running thread?
    • Steve: Could look at what is done in the DICOM listener module.