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To discuss


  • Andriy talked about some link error related to ITKv4
  • Talked about Tutorial 6 and the fact ABC extension is not available. Alex will contact Marcel again next week after he is back from Micai.
  • Discussed Tutorial 9 with Andriy.
    • We found out that ChangeTracker is failing because IntensityDifferenceMetric failed due to a problem related to libGL. ("usr/lib/nvidia-current/ undefined symbol: _nv000007gl" error).
      • A message should probably be reported to the user
    • Andriy will look at the crash happening when closing Slicer after using ChangeTracker.
  • Discussed issue related to Tutorial 13
    • Nicole and Julien talked about sceneview issue related to vtkMRMLViewNode
  • Update on the factory - Parallel 5 should be installed soon and linux build back :)
  • Jc will send an email to each developer having issue to address before October15.