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To discuss

  • Questions from Ron
    • Is there any progress on python paths for mac extensions
    • What is the status of itkv4 packaging for slicer
    • And is there an update on the factory machine disintegration?
  • Feature Freeze and outstanding bugs
  • Testing of tutorial functionality
  • Adopt-a-demo program
    • The basic plan is to take the demos and tutorials listed on the RSNA planning page and divide them up so that each one has two people assigned:
      • clinical contact / tutorial writer who is responsible for the data and content of the tutorial and can answer questions about how the program is meant to work. This list includes Ron, Sonia, Andras, and Andrey.
      • developer / tester who will be responsible for testing that the functionality is working for the demo on all platforms. This list includes Steve, Alex, Nicole, Jc, Christopher, Sankhesh, Jim, Kunlin, Rui and Albert
    • If there's a tutorial already existing, the developer should be able to go through the testing on all platforms and only contact the tutorial writer with feedback or questions. In the case of demos or atlas datasets, the developer should discuss with the clinical contact about what functionality should be supported and test that this is working as expected on all platforms.
    • In all cases the developer should try to provide a test that loads and manipulates the data, using either a python script or Qt testing, to help automate the testing process for future releases.


Updated description of the RSNA plan and assignment of developers and clinical experts to the various demos and tutorials:

Several people could not attend the hangout, so some topics need to be discussed off line.