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To discuss


  • Introduced Sankhesh (Kitware Inc) to the rest of the team. Sankhesh will also be helping us to improve Slicer.
  • Reviewed list of outstanding bug
    • Nicole and Steve discussed sceneview related issues
    • Issue 1180 has been targeted for 4.3 since it doesn't impact the user
  • Discuss how tutorials will be tested
    • Agree on dividing the list of tutorials and having a developer being the "owner" and responsible for coordinating the testing of it
    • Steve will be contacting each developer with a list of tutorials
    • Tutorials should be updated for Slicer4
  • Review how Andriy could fix its ITKv4 dashboard scripts
  • After iGyne maintainer will have fix the corresponding description file and done some basic testing, extension will be integrated. See here