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To discuss

CARS conference preparation


Our next Slicer training workshop in Europe is on June 30 at the CARS conference in Pisa. We would like to be able to demonstrate the Extension Manager at this event.

In preparation for the workshop, we need to select the appropriate version of Slicer for the hands-on sessions and to plan ahead cross-platform testing of the workshop tutorials.

Is there any specific version of Slicer that you would recommend to that end or should we pick up any nightly-build after June 1st?
I tried today's nightly-build on my Mac, and the Extension Manager is working nicely - I could install and run Skull Stripper without any issue.

In regards to the tests, is Benjamin still working on the automated QtTesting or is Christopher the new intern working on the project ?

Thank you in advance for your help,



  • Discussed the creation of the "Slicer 4.1.0-2012-06-21 - Site Visit" milestone.
    • It resumes using a nightly package or 4.1.x release will be good enough.
    • The milestone "Slicer 4.1.0-2012-06-21 - Site Visit" will be removed
  • Discussed that Nicole will be working on issue 2163 with Julien assisting her by email.
  • Discussed the status of extension documentation - It is moving forward
  • Discussed which version of Slicer will be more suitable for CARS_2012
    • For demonstration/demo purposes - Slicer 4.1.1 binaries should be sufficient
    • For development of Slicer 4.1.1 extensions, checkout Slicer-4-1-1 branch should be sufficient
    • If developer want the bleeding edge of Slicer (less stable), they could checkout Slicer trunk
    • It's possible a patch revision 4.1.2 with more tweaks related to extensions will be created ...
  • [Added by Jc] Remarks associated to QtTesting:
    • Thanks to Benjamin Long
    • Both user and developer documentation have been updated.
    • More fix associated with tutorial tests c308f9f, c308f9f, 1f69538
    • Soon it should also be possible to add comment while recording tutorial. These comments will be displayed when user replay a tutorial.
  • Discussed the coming support of ninja, a small build system with a focus on speed, by Slicer build system.
    • Thanks to Matt McCormick
    • It will first be available only for Linux user. Later one, will probably be offered to Windows and MacOSx users.
    • Commit to be integrated is here and associated discussion here
    • See preliminary benchmark reported below:
With no changes to Slicer, if running 'time make':

[100%] Built target Slicer

real    0m11.926s
user    0m5.512s
sys     0m2.340s

with 'time ninja':

[1/1] Forcing build step for 'Slicer'

real    0m0.010s
user    0m0.000s
sys     0m0.004s