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Attendees: Andrey Fedorov, Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin, Julien Finet, Andras Lasso, Christopher Mullins, Steve Pieper, Justin Senseney, Alexander Yarmarkovich

To discuss

Slicer 4.2 planning

Hi Ron, 

Would be great if we could work all together to define the list of issues we plan to address for Slicer 4.2. 

What do you think if we release Slicer 4.2 September 1st ? It means the "code freeze" would happen August 15th.
Ideally, the version of Slicer that would be used for RSNA would be 4.2. Does that sounds a reasonable option ?

The current list of issue associated with 4.2 is available here:

If there is any issue you would like to see address for 4.2 that are either targeted for 4.3 or not associated to any target, it would be ideal if you could list them and communicate me this list before Tuesday morning. 
Then, during the Tuesday hangouts, we would review, assign and discuss with the other developer to see what's feasible for 4.2 or if any trade-of should be made. 

Defining such list doesn't mean everything will be written in stone, it will still possible to add new issues after discussing with the developer that would be in charge of addressing them.


Meaning of vtkMRMLNode::ModifiedSinceRead

From Julien - May 16, 2012:
What is the exact meaning of vtkMRMLNode::ModifiedSinceRead ?
From what I understand, it is a flag set to true if the "data" (e.g. vtkImageData, vtkPolyData) associated to the node has been modified since it has been set and observed.
Currently, this information is only used by the Save Data dialog to know if the "data" needs to be saved or not. In the future, I believe it should be used by the SceneView node to know when saving "data".
If my understanding is correct, then I don't understand your fix. Can you please comment ?
Also, wouldn't it make sense that ModifiedSinceRead becomes a vtkMRMLStorableNode property instead of a vtkMRMLNode property? 

Linux dashboard issues

Hi Folks, 

I tried few things and I failed to prevent the crash :( 
Looking at the note of issue 2075 [1] will provide you with the details of what I tried. 

We could probably envision updating to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Especially considering Ubuntu 8.04 LTS desktop ended "its life" in May 2011. See roadmap [2]

If packages created on Ubuntu 10.04 doesn't work, it also probably mean we will have to setup Virtual machine for OpenSuse / fedora / centOs. (This is something to keep in mind .. it doesn't mean we will implement it right away)

Let me know what you think.



Run-time use of ExternalData

Hi Steve, Jim, 

We meet with Patrick. Here are the conclusions:

 1) Our intern Chris will probably be working with me to:
    - add "caching" to the midas python library midas
    - implement the cmake macros/functions allowing to configure the list of hash embedded in Slicer so that tests could download data. 

 2) I will contact "Aldebaran" team to find out more about their python implementation of ctest


  • Clarified what are the estimated release date for 4.1.1 and 4.2.
    • The targets in Mantis have been renamed into Slicer 4.1.1 - June 1st 2012 and Slicer 4.2 - Sept 1st 2012
    • See Roadmap
  • Discussed the ModifiedSinceRead issue.
    • Issue #2082 - Currently assigned to Julien
  • Discussed problem related to Linux dashboard. #2075
    • The dashboard has been updated to Ubuntu 10.04. It's understood that the range of supported distribution has been reduced. We will be addressing issue on a case by case basis and act accordingly.
  • Clarified the issue discussed by Andras and Nicole about the ModelMaker.
    • Given the fact there are currently alternative ways of achieving the desired goal, no action will be taken.
    • Refactoring of ModelMaker hasn't been planned
    • Nevertheless, more testing could probably be added to ModelMaker.
    • More generally, it has also been agreed that adding thorough unit-tests/testing early on could reveal reveal helpful to ensure a better scalability of the code.
  • Discussed what should be done regarding the download attempt of Slicer by "malicious" bot. See #2103
    • Whatever solution is implemented, we should make sure to maintain the possibility of doing direct download. See 2103#c4561
  • Agreed that logo associated to CLI could be specified using png
    • The tools originally available in KWWidget could be extracted
    • SlicerExecution model could be updated to support both method of specifying images (header and png)
    • Issue #2072
  • Discussed how to move forward with Slicer and DCMRT
    • Given the fact DCMRT can be compiled as an independent library by specifying DMCTK_DIR, waiting for Offis (DCMTK maintainer) officially publish the associated code, as an intermediate solution allowing to easily maintain the corresponding code, the following action will be done:
      • Add issues to mantis allowing to track the different action to be done (Jc)
      • Create a repository in Slicer github organization and grant access to Andras (Jc)
      • Publish code and ensure it can be build on windows (Andras)
      • Check that it can be build on linux / macosx (Steve)
      • Integrate DCMRT into Slicer as an external project
  • Reviewed Plans for Slicer4 port made in January 2011
    • FastMarching: ToBeDone ?
    • ProstateNav:
      • Andriy mentioned that the Annotation needs to first stabilize before moving forward.
      • Andriy identified issues associated that Annotation that need to be addressed for 4.2 release:
        • Inconsistent placement of fiducials. See #2079
        • Each fiducial is saved in a separate file. See #1717
        • Jump to fiducials feature. See #2105
    • FetchMi:
      • Agreed that some synergy between developers working on integrating Midas and XNat could be nice.
      • Jc will provide Steve with an update regarding the Midas / Qt work. If it applies, Jc will mention what could be discussed at the project week.
    • PETCTFusion: Work in progress ?
  • Andras, Julien and Steve discussed an issue related to centering of images upon loading.