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Module Name

Fiber Clustering and Analysis (EM Fiber Clustering) Module

Module interface
An example of DTI fiber clustering and tract-oriented quantitative analysis


To add the module to an installed binary of slicer (3.6.2 and later):

  • Use the View->Extension Manager menu option
  • The dialog will be initialized with the URL to the extensions that have been compiled to match your binary of slicer.
  • Select EM Fiber Clustering to install and click to download. The installed extension, Fiber Clustering and Analysis, will be available when you restart slicer under Modules --> Diffusion --> Tractography.

Please report any installation problem to Mahnaz Maddah (mmaddah at alum.mit.edu)

Instructions and Test Data


Clustering of the cingulum fiber tracts, Test1 Data: Media:single_subject.tar.gz, Guide: Media:slide_test1.pdf

Single-Subject with Atlas-Based Seeding

Clustering of the uncinate fasciculus tract using the SRI24 atlas, Test2 Data: Media:atlas_based_seeding.tar.gz, Guide: Media:slide_test2.pdf


Clustering of the genu in multiple subjects, Test3 Data: Media:multi-subject.tar.gz, Guide: Media:slide_test3.pdf