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Introduction and Acknowledgements

Extension: GyroGuide
Acknowledgments: This work is supported by International Scientific and Technical Cooperation Project of Zhejiang Province (Grant 2012C34G2020027)
Author: Ruifeng Chen, Luping Fang, Qing Pan (College of Information Engineering, Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou, China),Xiaolei Chen, Jiashu Zhang (Department of Neurosurgery, PLA General Hospital, Beijing, China)
Contact: Luping Fang <email></email>

Module Description

  • The module should be used in cooperation with “Markups” module. First, it is required to choose five fiducial points to define two mutually-perpendicular planes as the Registration Markers. Second, set a target point and an entry point. Third, click the “Calculate” button to obtain the puncture path information, including the puncture depth and the angles between the puncture path and the reference planes. Finally, these results are displayed on a monitor or transmitted to the gyroscope-based device to assist the surgical operation.

Use Cases

  • Puncture surgery (e.g. endoscopic insertion) is a typical example to show the use of this module. This module calculates the distance of the puncture path and the angle between the probe and the reference planes. The module can also transmit the calculation results to the gyroscope-based device to facilitate the surgical operation.


  • 1 Load MRI/CT images of brain
  • 2 Define “Markers”, “Target Point” and “Entry Point” using the Markups module.
  • 3 Load the defined fiducial lists
Select GyroGuide module
1 Select the fiducial list - Markers as the markers which define the reference planes.
2 Select the fiducial list – Target as the target point
3 Select the fiducial list – Entry as the entry point
  • 4 Calculate puncture path information
Click the “Calculate” button. The puncture path information will be displayed in the “Results” section.
  • 5 Export the results
Input IP address and port of the puncture instrument in the “Exporter” panel. Click “Send”. The calculated puncture path information could be transmitted to the gyroscope-based device to facilitate the surgical operation.

Panels and their use

  • GyroGuide

It’s a fiducial list which consists of five fiducial points. Three points define the “Red Plane”. The other two points define the “Green Plane” which is perpendicular to the “Red Plane”. The “Blue Plane” is the one perpendicular to both the “Red Plane” and the “Green Plane”. Before measuring angles, the reference planes of the gyroscope have to be registered to the planes defined by the markers.

Target Point
The fiducial point which represents the target of the puncture.

Entry Point
The fiducial point which represents the entry of the puncture.

Calculate Button
Click the button to calculate the puncture path information.
Angles between Puncture Path and Red Plane/Green Plane/Blue Plane
The included angle between the puncture path and the red plane, green plane and blue plane, respectively.
Distance between Target and Entry Point
The length of the recommended puncture path.
IP address of the puncture device. Default: localhost
Port of the puncture device. Default: 18944
Send Button
Send the calculated results to the designated puncture device, which supports OpenIGTLink protocol.

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