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If you are a newcomer, you should probably check these instructions !

Getting involved

It is open to everyone, feel free to join.
Intended for discussion of programming related questions


What's next ? What's the plan ?
Nightly, continuous and experimental dashboards.
Web-based bug tracking system
Source code API documentation.
Consistency and Readability for a manageable code base
Pages for the developer projects.
Informations about Slicer releases


Build instructions

git clone git://
Compiling and installing Slicer from source.
Compiling slicer modules outside of the slicer source tree.
Build, test, package and distribute extensions

Design & Implementation

Comparison between the different supported module types
  • Internals
    • Data Model / MRML - Objects and their organization. MRML Library provides API for managing medical image data type
    • Logics - Details the role of MRML/Slicer/Application/Modules logics and Displayable managers
    • IO Mechanism - How to read or write nodes from file
Presents the underlying infrastructure.
Description of the Charting architecture.
Details how Slicer is built and packaged.

Migration Guide

How to update Slicer extension code following breaking changes in Slicer or dependent toolkits (VTK, ITK, Qt, ...)

Source code How-tos

How to checkout the source and contribute patches

Module How-tos

How to create or build modules, how to add or update remote modules

Testing How-tos

How to write tests and manage testing data

Documentation How-tos

How to document module or extension

Extension How-tos

How to contribute, build or package extensions

Misc How-tos

How to setup QtCreator, setup dashboard, work with QtDesigner, port modules

Debugging How-tos

How to debug Slicer, troubleshoot crash or memory leaks