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The current process to contribute a new or updated extension description file (*.s4ext) is documented here.

We all agree it involves a lot of steps. To simplify this process, the idea would be to provide a set of git custom command automating most of it.

The proposed improvement would be:

1. Clone the ExtensionsIndex

2. Checkout either master or 4.3 branch

3. run ./Utilities/

4. run this command:

   git prepare-extension-update /path/to/description-file.s4ext

This would:

  • locally create the topic "update-<ExtensionName>[-X.Y]" or "add-<ExtensionName>[-X.Y]"
  • generate meaningful commit message if possible (for svn and git based repo)
  • associate compare link if possible

5. Then, if everything look good:

  git push-extension-update

This would publish the topic on your fork and submit the pull request