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Summary What is 3D Slicer Slicer 4.3 Highlights Slicer Extensions Other Improvements, Additions & Documentation


The community of Slicer developers is proud to announce the release of Slicer 4.3.

  • Slicer 4.3 introduces
    • a new App store, called the extension manager, for adding capabilities to Slicer. Close to 40 plug-ins are currently available.
    • close to 500 feature improvements and bug fixes lead to improved performance and stability.
    • augmentation of many modules.
    • improved workflows in registration and dMRI
    • the multivolume explorer allows interaction with time series and DCE data.
    • major improvements to the DICOM module
    • a new Markups module to streamline the use of fiducial lists

  • Click here to download Slicer 4.3 for different platforms and find pointers to the source code, mailing lists and bug tracker.
  • Please note that Slicer continues to be a research package and is not intended for clinical use. Testing of functionality is an ongoing activity with high priority, however, some features of Slicer are not fully tested.
  • The Slicer Training page provides a series of courses for learning how to use Slicer. The portfolio contains self-guided presentation and sample data sets.

The main pages provide a guided tour to the application, training materials, and the development community. New users should start there because we try to keep the pages organized and up to date.

Find out more about Slicer 4.3 in the webinar held on [...]:


What is 3D Slicer

Slicer is a community platform created for the purpose of subject specific image analysis and visualization.

  • Multi-modality imaging including, MRI, CT, US, nuclear medicine, and microscopy
  • Multi organ from head to toe
  • Bidirectional interface for devices
  • Expandable and interfaced to multiple toolkits

There is no restriction on use, but permissions and compliance with rules are responsibility of users. For details on the license see here

Slicer 4.3 Highlights

Slicer Extensions

Other Improvements, Additions & Documentation

For Developers: Looking at the Code Changes

From a git checkout you can easily see the all the commits since the time of the 4.4.2 release:

git log --since="Sat Dec 8 03:32:53 2012"

To see a summary of your own commits, you could use something like:

git log --since="Sat Dec 8 03:32:53 2012"  --oneline --author=pieper

see the git log man page for more options.

Commit stats and full changelog

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