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Latest version available here. Soon PathPlanner will be replace by PathExplorer. PathExplorer will regroup PathPlanner and VisuaLine in a single module, more robust.

Introduction and Acknowledgements

This work is supported by NA-MIC, NCIGT, and the Slicer Community.
Author: Laurent Chauvin, Atsushi Yamada, Nobuhiko Hata
Contact: Laurent Chauvin <email></email>


This project is supported by National Institute of Health (5P01CA067165, 5R01CA124377, 5R01CA138586, 2R44DE019322, 7R01CA124377, 5R42CA137886, 8P41EB015898).

Module Description

PathPlanner is a Slicer4 module designed to facilitate the creation of trajectory. User is able to place some target points and entry points, represented respectively by green and blue fiducials. When one target point and one entry point are selected, user can create a path that connects these two points, using a slicer ruler. Points (target and entry) could be moved in real-time, using a drag-and-drop on the fiducial, or by specifying coordinates in the entry of the table corresponding to the point to move. Selecting a trajectory in the list will automatically select in the target and entry tables the corresponding fiducials. Trajectory could be changed at this time by selecting a new target or entry point, and clicking on "Update" button.

Use Cases

PathPlanner is an interesting tool for needle insertion planning. By defining targets, and entry points, we could evaluate distance between both points, visualize the regions the needle will go through to reach the target. It is also possible to easily evaluate several entry points for a given target to find the most suitable. Combine with other extensions like VisuaLine, or VolumeResliceDriver, it is possible to have a more accurate overview of the trajectory in 2D and 3D.



Panels and their use

PathPlanner GUI
  1. Target table
    • "+" button allows the user to place a new target point by clicking at desired location on 2D or 3D viewers.
    • "-" button remove the selected line
    • "Clear" button remove all points in the table
  2. Entry table
    • Same as target table, for entry points
  3. Trajectory table
    • "+" button add a new trajectory with selected target point (on target table) and entry point (on entry table)
    • "-" button remove the selected line in the trajectory table
    • "Update" button, when a trajectory is selected and target or entry point is modify will update the trajectory with the new selected point
    • "Clear" button will remove all lines in trajectory table
  4. Hierarchy node of target points (first node is automatically created when entering module)
  5. Hierarchy node of entry points (first node is automatically created when entering module)
  6. PathPlanner node ( = Hierarchy node) contains all rulers created by the module (first node is automatically created when entering the module)

Similar Modules



VisuaLine module allows visualization of trajectories that could be created with PathPlanner module.

Information for Developers