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To Discuss


  • Jorge made good progress setting up MacOSX dashboard for slicer-miniconda. See here
  • Provenance: Integrate document describing build environment into the binaries. A final DICOM should be released shortly. In the mean time, most of the concepts are summarized here
  • Release 4.5 / Pre-release schedule:
    • Notify community
    • Create google doc draft for sending email about the coming release
    • Create a roadmap/ vision (copy idea from Ron slides at
    • When: Prior to RSNA (Nov 29 to Dec 4) - See
    • "Freeze" time frame: Mid-October
    • Confirm existing tutorials work as expected + add missing SelfTests
    • Green dashboard
    • Push to improve startup performance
    • Check with Sonia what are the requirements to have Slicer installed on the workstations
    • Check with Csaba/Andras about:
      • new Editor/Segmentation ?
      • integrating Sequences module into the core ?
    • Check with Davide Punzo about Slicer Astronomy
  • Post 4.5:
    • The 4.x series will be for bug fixes / performance improvements
  • 5.x series:
    • Update to Qt 5 ?
    • Switch to OpenGL2 backend for VTK
    • Switch to py3k

To be determined: use miniconda distribution by default. Things look promising so far.


3DSlicer BarCamp moderators

Hi Folks,

To simplify the Slicer G+ community management, I was thinking to change the settings so that anyone could join without approval.

It has been like this for ITK for a while and they didn't have any spam.

If we all agree, I will:

  (1) update the following wiki page and accept all pending requests:

  (2)  also update the "Start Here" page to ask develop to optionally introduce them self on the slicer devel list. See

Let me know what you think,