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Slicer Integration

Cuda Support Classes

  1. Implement the host access side such as allocate memory, delete and so forth in vtk-Classes
  2. Combining effort in:
    1. vtkCudaMemory
    2. vtkCudaAlgorithm
    3. vtkCuda
    4. vtkTexture

CUDA algorithms

Volume Rendering

Important features:

  1. use Camera Coordinates and Projection Matrix instead of rotationMatrix
    1. Currently planar projection
  2. use Z-Buffer from previous render
    1. easy todo.
  3. Lighting Model use multiple lights
  4. Color gradients rather than 2 colors

Volume Rendering CUDA module

Move all the code from the cuda Code into a Support Classes


  1. some debuggings of registration CUDA codes
  2. start to work on itk classes:
    1. itkCudaResampleImageFilter
    2. itkCudaImageToImageMetric



  1. CUDA on Cygwin: use the --ccbin flag to set the compiler bin directory. (failed for me)



Color Map for to write to cuda


  1. Slicer-IGT/GPU-IGT
  2. Volume Rendering With Cuda