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Introduction and Acknowledgements

Extension: DensityLungSegmentation
Author: Paolo Zaffino, Magna Graecia Univeristy of Catanzaro - Italy
Contributor1: Maria Francesca Spadea, Magna Graecia Univeristy of Catanzaro - Italy
Contact: Paolo Zaffino, <email></email>

This extension is for segmentin lung tissue CT according to intensity.

Module Description

This module, given a chest CT, segment lung tissue by fitting the intensities with a Gaussian Mixture Model already created. It can be used for pneumonia (COVID-19 too).

Use Cases

  • Lung CT GMM Segmentation

User wants to segment lung tissue according to intensity (healthy, ground-glass opacities, and consolidation).

Lung Density Segmentation module


  • Lung CT GMM Segmentation
1. Load chest CT (COVID-19 CTs can be download from )
2. Select/create a segmentation for the result
3. Select/create a segmentation for the averaged result
4. Click Apply button

Panels and their use

Lung Density Segmentation module UI

Similar Modules


Information for Developers