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Slicer Extension Manager, Slicer Data Store, Slicer's testing data server, and all depend on

As of March 2017, the platform powering is based on Midas, this document describes the current services, their limitations and plan to improve them.

This page document limitations of the current infrastructure and our plans to improve it.

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Analytic statistics are available here:


  • Slicer's testing data server: Store testing data downloaded when running Slicer tests. See UploadTestData documentation.

All these servers are one instance and currently hosted on

Testing data


Release packages

Current limitations

  • Slicer application and extension package are hosted on Kitware server in NewYork, download of Slicer packages is slow when done on the West Coast of from Europe.

Path forward

Use of GitHub Releases

  • Upload existing release as Github release + update to get release from github
  • (Stats from Github release is only a scalar, we would probably need to keep track of the value every day)
  • Slicer nightly package would be uploaded as a pre-release

Leverage IPFS