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Introduction and Acknowledgements

Authors: Frédéric Panthier, Lounès Illoul, Laurent Berthe, Steeve Doizi, Oliver Traxer

Contact: Frédéric Panthier, <email></email>

License: Slicer License

Module Description

“Calculator” consists in a volumetric evaluation of kidney stones and also provides information on surgical duration. Moreover, it provides the estimated time of lithotripsy and consequently the operative time. It provides in a few seconds a 3D view of the stone(s) and axial, coronal and sagittal views with CT-scan DICOMs.

Use Cases



Below, we describe the Instructions Guide to use Calculator:

  1. Open 3DSlicer and download “Calculator” using the “Extension Manager”
  2. Import DICOM data from a CT-scan (better with non-enhanced series)
  3. Open “Crop Volume” module
    • “Create a new annotation ROI” (Region Of Interest)
    • Size the ROI in x, y and z axes using axial (red), sagittal (yellow) and coronal (green) view in four-up disposition.
    • Create a new volume (name will be: “name cropped”)
    • Click “Apply” button
  4. Open “Calculator” module:
    • Select volume: “name cropped”
    • Choose threshold (houndfields units) minimum and maximun to fit to the stone
    • If there are multiples stones select “split islands into segments” with a recommended “minimum size” of 40 voxels
    • Select a mode of treatment (laser source, core-diameter of laser fiber, laser settings and stone type)
    • Select “show 3D” if you want to visualize in 3D-view the segmented stone(s)
    • Click “Apply” button. A table will appear to show the segment’s name, volume (mm3) and time of lithotripsy (min)

Panels and their use


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Information for Developers