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During the last years, I worked in various clinical applications. In my master study, I developed a navigation system that assists the liver ablation surgery with a pan-tilt controlled laser pointer. Afterwards, I joined Fraunhofer MEVIS, an institute for medical image processing, where I successfully accomplished several industry and research projects. Specifically, I participated in an industry project funded by a Nederland-based start-up company. In the project, I was in charge of modeling a MRI-compatible robot for performing biopsy tasks; Besides the modeling part, a lot of my work involved development of clinical software. Another research topic I have been working is the image inhomogeneity correction for DCE-MRI, I investigated into the effects of image inhomogeneity on the pharmacokinetic parameters, such as the effects on the transition rate and the excretion time. At the beginning of 2016 i Joined Surgical Planning Lab in Brigham and Women's hospital/Harvard Medical School, here i am working on the image data compression and transmission. Also, I am in charge of the development of OpenIGTLink, which is a standard communication protocol among medical devices.