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As pointed out by Andriy, link within the new module page are broken. This is caused by the fact generated anchor are not unique.

This page serves as a playground to identify how best the issue could be addressed.



  • Full link
[ TCIABrowser]

render the this link: TCIABrowser

  • Wiki link

render the this link: TCIABrowser


Both link link to a page of the form

Using a site like to decode


doesn't give much information.


  • Full link
[ GyroGuide]

render the this link: GyroGuide

  • Wiki link

render the this link: GyroGuide


Both links work as expected.


  • Backup current documentation page by (1) clicking edit and (2) copying the text into a text file
  • Try to move the page to a different name TCIABrowser to TCIABrowserNew
  • Try to link to the moved page
  • Full link
[ TCIABrowserNew]

render the this link: TCIABrowserNew

  • Wiki link

render the this link: TCIABrowserNew


After moving the page, both links work as expected.

Link are borken after moving the page back to its original name.


New Since link work after moving the page to a different name but are broken again after renaming to the original name. I suspect there is something wrong in the database.

Possible approaches

Database cleanup

  • Rename the page
  • Clear all references to the old page in the mw database
  • Rename back to the original page

Permanent rename

The page could be permanently renamed to something different. This is:

  • easy
  • suboptimal, it will lead to confusion for the user and the maintainer


Hi Jc,

This is perplexing me. Do you know what is going on?

This wiki page exist:

Yet, when a link like this is made to it:
[ TCIABrowser]

it points to this blank page:

Then I edited this page by adding one character "a" and tried to redirect it to the actually existing wiki page, but the "Move page" and the "To new title" names are identical. So of course,

*Source and destination titles are the same; cannot move a page over itself.*

Is it anything to do with error in wiki parsing? How can it be remedied?