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To do after release

  • "Edit properties..." should open module and select node
    • Dbl click in Data module should open module, not rename
  • Check order of unload with ITKv4: MRML plugin shall unload before VTK and even more before ITK
    • Breakpoint in a destructor of static variable in mrml plugin and vtk ?
  • Add unit test to vtkMRMLStorableNode/StorableNode and make it faster (e.g. ProcessMRMLNodeEvent)
  • Review SaveDataBundle dialog, write a custom "save dialog"
  • qMRMLSliceControllerWidget::setSliceViewName, setSliceViewLabel and setSliceViewColor must be set automatically from qMRMLSliceControlllerWidget::setSlisetMRMLSliceNode
    • To confirm with Jim.
    • See qMRMLLayoutManager::createSliceWidget and qMRMLSliceControllerWidget::setSliceViewLabel
  • Add option in qMRMLNodeComboBox to "renameAtCreation" mrml nodes. Can be useful for CLI modules.
  • Default opacity when selecting a foreground volume is 0%, should be 50%
  • Review vtkMRMLVolumeRenderingDisplayNode::Copy(), it should do StartModify() and EndModify() instead
  • vtkMRML::CopyWithSingleModifiedEvent should do StartModify and EndModify() instead (dito for CopyWithSceneWithSingleModifiedEvent)
  • Singleton node vtkMRMLLayoutNode has an ID of vtkMRMLLayoutNodevtkMRMLLayoutNode
  • Uniformize StartModify()/EndModify()
    • Can vtkMRMLDoubleArrayStorageNode::ReadDataInternal use StartModify()/EndModify()?
    • vtkMRMLAnnotationBidimensionalDisplayableManager: Why notify scene ? bidimensionalNode->GetScene()->InvokeEvent(vtkCommand::ModifiedEvent, bidimensionalNode);
    • vtkMRMLAnnotationStorageNode::ReadAnnotation : Need to fire events ?
    • vtkMRMLAnnotationNode::Initialize(), vtkMRMLAnnotationLinesNode::Initialize(), vtkMRMLAnnotationControlPointsNode::Initialize()
    • vtkSlicerTractographyFiducialSeedingLogic::CreateTracts()
    • Unique class between vtkMRMLNode and vtkMRMLAbstractLogic ?
    • Done: MRMLIDImageIO::Write() ?
  • check if vtkMRMLNode::SceneRootDir is needed
  • Remove all margins in all modules (including wizard)

What am I working on?

On hold

What's coming next?

  • Usability of Slicer
  1. Sense of dimension: 1694, 1300
  2. Multiple digit value change using the keyboard in numerical input widgets
  3. Add mouse gesture support for numeric input components
  4. Fix keyboard input in popup spinbox on Linux and Mac OS X
  5. Apply range popup to all sliders
  6. Add mechanism to register and save custom layouts
  7. Add tool to pop out cluttered item list or tree views
  8. Add support to nested custom styles
  9. Add support for custom color palette theme
  10. Bonus: Multi Volume Rendering support (improve refresh -> done)


  1. Save Data Dialog redesign: 2098, 2082, 986, 1866, 1825, 1459, 2023, 1740, 2097, 1817
  • Numpad key support for 3D view (2179)
  • Volume Rendering support for extra mappers (2185)
  • Default layout should be 4up.
  • Features: 1870
  • Bugs: 1980, 2010, 2038, 2066
  • Scene file loading options (1952)
  • Cleanup qMRMLTransformsSlider, restored unit tests
  • Skullstripper extension for Slicer4.1QtTesting package
  • Failing tests (due to GetAttribute() returning 0)
  • CTK Layout flickering (Grid layout regression)
  • Volume Rendering supports color transfer function
  • Scene view speed-up
  • QtTesting integration
  • Crash when restoring sceneview