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I am a sophomore in Old Dominion University (ODU) majoring in Computer Science. I am the main undergraduate student researcher in medical image computing at the Center for Real-Time Computing (CRTC), a major research group in Old Dominion University. My main areas of research include Physics-Based Non-Rigid Registration (PBNRR), as well as high performance computing applications. I am also the current maintainer of the PBNRR 3D Slicer extension.

Previous to joining the CRTC, I was a system consultant at the ODU CS Systems Group, the group of faculty and students responsible for managing the digital infrastructure of the Computer Science department. My responsibilities included but were not limited to: daily administration of Linux and Windows servers, assistance of faculty and students alike throughout the department with a wide variety of software and hardware issues while also providing expert advice, engagement in production level development (including developing and deploying an internal enrollment status platform for the department and documenting the department's main Linux server while also writing SaltStack configuration management states to allow for its accurate replication).

I also have many side-projects I am working on, the most major of which is Hyper Crypt, an advanced cryptography toolkit for Windows (