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This is the {{intricate template}} message box.

{{intricate}} redirects here and can be used as alternative name for this template.

Actually, this template's syntax is relatively simple.

This template can be put at the top of the documentation for any templates that are intricate, i.e., complex, using less obvious techniques, esoteric syntax, combining different techniques, used as parameter for other templates, built to function for a variety of calling instances, etc.

This template adds templates to Category:Intricate templates.


When this template is placed on a template's /doc page it can be nice to put it within <includeonly> tags so it only gets visible on the template page. The full code for a /doc page top then can look like this:

See also

  • {{high-risk}} – This template can be put in the documentation for the most high-use (high-risk) templates.
  • {{high-use}} – For the slightly less high-risk templates.

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