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This is the {{high-risk}} message box.

It is meant to be put at the top of the documentation for the most high-use (high-risk) templates. That is for templates used on 100,000 pages or more.

For templates used on 2000 - 100,000 pages we instead recommend using {{high-use}} which has a softer wording.

Note! It is normal that some of the links in the message box are red.


The template can be used as is. But it can also take some parameters:

  • First parameter is the number of pages. See Wikipedia:Database reports/Templates with the most transclusions to find out how many pages use a given template.
  • Second parameter is the name of some other talk page if you want discussion to be made there instead. But a better option might be to redirect the talkpage of your template to that other talkpage.

Here are some examples:

{{high-risk| 300,000+ | Wikipedia talk:High-risk templates }}
{{high-risk| 300,000+ }}
{{high-risk| | Wikipedia talk:High-risk templates }}

The full code for a /doc page top can look like this:

{{documentation subpage}}
{{high-risk| 300,000+ }}

Technical details

The /sandbox and /testcases links are the standard names for such subpages. If those pages are created then the green /doc box for the template will detect them and link to them in its heading. For instance see the top of this documentation.

See also

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