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For the latest Slicer documentation, visit the read-the-docs.


Download Slicer (This is what users should download)

Download and unpack the appropriate Slicer archive this link gives you a precompiled ready-to-use Slicer 2.6 for the platforms stated below.

  • Mac: darwin-ppc, darwin-x86
  • Linux: linux-x86, linux-x86_64
  • Solaris: solaris8
  • Windows: win32

See the Release Notes for more information.


You can run the toplevel slicer executable from any directory, but if you want to install it as a system-wide package we suggest the following methods:

  • Unix/Linux:
    • place the slicer2 distribution directory in /usr/local/lib/slicer2.6
    • place a symbolic link in /usr/local/bin pointing to the executable for your platform in the distribution directory
    • If you are running Ubuntu, see Slicer2.6 on Ubuntu for more information.
  • Windows:
    • there is no windows installer, so you may put slicer in any convenient location. You may wish to put a shortcut to the slicer2-win32.exe on your desktop.
  • Mac OS:
    • No installation suggestions currently

Follow the Tutorial

To learn more about using Slicer, refer to the Slicer_User_Training_101 page which contains tutorials and sample data for Slicer2.6.

Build Slicer (This is for developers)

If you want to build your own copy of Slicer 2.6 from the source code, follow the instructions here: Slicer:Slicer_2.6_Building

Notes for Mac OS X Users

To run Slicer on the Mac, you need to have the X server and from an xterm run the slicer2-darwin-ppc executable at the top level of the unpacked archive.

If you want to customize the X11 Application menu to launch slicer, you can use a syntax like the following:

xterm -e /Users/pieper/slicer2.6/latest/slicer2/slicer2-darwin-ppc

Note that Slicer relies on the X11 system and must be launched from within an xterm. More information about X11 on the mac is here: X11 isn't installed by default on current Mac OS releases, so be sure to select it as an optional package from your installation DVD.

On the mac, the first click that raises a window to the front won't be passed on to that application. This can be confusing in slicer since the buttons will highlight as you pass over them even if the window is not in the front. To work around this, execute the following in an xterm:

defaults write wm_click_through -bool true

Leopard (10.5) launch issues

With Mac OS X 10.5, the X11 package has changed (some say it has gotten worse). Two options are available to work around these changes.

  • Option 1: run the following commands in an xterm to bypass the slicer launcher:
export SLICER_HOME=`pwd`
wish launch.tcl

Reporting Bugs

Please report bugs for Slicer version 2.6.x. here. Information on How to enter bugs into the Slicer bug tracker.

Where to go for Help

Compilation/development questions can be sent to the Slicer Developer's Mailing List. Questions about running Slicer can be sent to the Slicer User's Mailing List.

Archives of these lists are available at and