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Slicer Developers Meeting

June 7, 2005, 2-4pm, at 1249 Boylston St., second floor demo room.

Topic: NA-MIC Programming Week: Slicer 3.0

Present: Steve Pieper, Mike Halle, Alex Yarmarkovich, Katie Hayes, Huy Nguyen, Haiying Liu, Nicole Aucoin, Eigil Samset

  • Dartmouth end users workshop went well, slicer2.5 didn't crash for the presenters, though some of the students got into bad states. Some worked on Macintosh machines with 512Mb of RAM
  • Programming week
    • registration fee - $75 to MIT by Jun 20, lab will pay
    • it should be a forum to bring up issues in ITK and VTK that need to be addressed
      • fast cell picking would be good for slicer users
    • various projects are outlined here
      • registration
      • ITKu - script ITK access for quick prototyping
      • Nrrd ITK IO
      • DTMRI - lauren will be putting in regression tests, file formats for tracts (tubes vs. lines)
      • New loni pipeline - namic engineering list post talks about new release available very soon
    • Slicer3 project was mostly covered in this meeting
      • kwwidgets
        • define module api
        • backwards compatibility
        • updates to wrapping parser, encapsulate functions at c++ level
        • syntax same as vtk
        • compare fltk (LGPL), Qt (GPL, to create a non-GPL code using Qt each developer needs a paid license), incrWidgets, tk, kwwidgets, wxwidgets etc
        • separation between interface and implementation
        • quantify improvement over current UI
      • services, ie scene descr (mrml)
      • networking pipelines
      • added notes to feature requests here

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