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This pages contains notes on source code additions and modifications of different modules within Slicer for the internationalization purpose.

QT-based Internationalization

Internationalization is well supported in QT. A lot of modules of Slicer are developed on QT. This has set a good ground for the internationalization of Slicer. The following codes are needed:

In file \Slicer4\Base\QTCore\qSlicerCoreApplication.h, add the following line:

   #include <QTranslator>

In file \Slicer4\Applications\SlicerQT\main.cxx (around line#230), add the following lines:

   static QTranslator* translator;
   if (translator != NULL)
       delete translator;
       translator = NULL;
   QString langCode= argv[1];
   translator = new QTranslator;
   QString qmFilename = "lang_" + langCode; 
   if (translator->load(qmFilename))