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|style="background:#ddf" width="60%"|'''Slicer4 Projects'''
|style="background:#ddf" width="60%"|'''Slicer4 Projects'''
|bgcolor="#ddf" valign="top"|'''Key People'''<br/>Bold names are responsible for an aspect of the project.
|bgcolor="#ddf" valign="top"|'''Key People'''<br/>Bold names are responsible for an aspect of the project.
||[[Slicer4:Diffusion|Porting Diffusion from Slicer 3 to 4]]
||'''Demian Wassermann''', Alex Yarmanovich, Steve Pieper
||[[Slicer4:CMAKESuperbuild|CMAKE superbuild]]
||[[Slicer4:CMAKESuperbuild|CMAKE superbuild]]

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Do not expect to be able to use this page until late 2010 or early 2011 - many things are changing rapidly within the slicer4 code base so just watch the 'public' developer information, until there is a more definitive set of instructions.

For now, refer to the 3D Slicer Status Presentation from the June 2010 Project Week for planning and transition information.

Work on 3D Slicer version 4 has begun in June of 2010. It is expected that Slicer4 will be released in 2011. Please see the Slicer4 Description Page for detailed information on the current plans.

  • For information about older versions of Slicer, see here.


  • This page of for scientist who write source code, if you want to use a pre-compiled version of Slicer, please go to the download page.
  • Slicer 4 will include a number of fundamental changes to the infrastructure:
    • Qt widgets will replace KWW widgets
    • CMAKE superbuild will replace getbuildtest



(please add your new project to the top of the table)

Slicer4 Projects Key People
Bold names are responsible for an aspect of the project.
Porting Diffusion from Slicer 3 to 4 Demian Wassermann, Alex Yarmanovich, Steve Pieper
CMAKE superbuild Dave Partyka, Stephen Aylward
Download Data Appearance Ron Kikinis, Julien Jomier
Slicer 4 Display Module Wendy Plesniak, Ron Kikinis
Slicer 4 VTK Widgets tuning Will Schroeder, Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin
Slicer 4 UI design Wendy Plesniak,
Slicer 4 SceneViews Module Daniel Haehn,
EM Segmenter Kilian Pohl, Dominique Belhachemi
Annotation Kilian Pohl, Daniel Haehn
Porting Slicer from kww to Qt Julien Finet, Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin, Steve Pieper, Stephen Aylward


Slicer4 Extensions Key People
Bold names are responsible for an aspect of the project.
VMTK Daniel Haehn
DTI EM Clustering Mahnaz Maddah, Jim Miller

Quick Links for Developers

This section centrally locates many existing (and developing) wiki pages useful to Slicer3 developers.

Slicer 4 Quick links to the Source code

The Slicer4 git repository:

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General Slicer4 Quick Links Debugging Slicer4 Quick Links
Slicer4 build instructions Slicer4 Dashboard (After XX XXXX)
Use ViewVC to browse the repository Slicer3 Dashboard (Before XX XXXX)
Instructions for NA-MIC svn Slicer Bug Tracker
Doxygen documentation for Slicer4.
The Slicer4 VisualBlog shows screenshots of slicer developments.
Developers should follow the Slicer 4 Coding Style.

Developers' Mailing List

Discussion of Slicer 3 and Slicer 4 takes place on the slicer-devel at massmail.spl.harvard.edu list. To join developer's mailing list, send a request to: slicer-devel-request at massmail.spl.harvard.edu with the keyword subscribe as the subject. Or access the slicer-devel archives and web administration interface.