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Slicer3 can be used as a DICOM review workstation. Slicer3 will provide standard radiological viewing capabilities:

  • DICOM file access
  • Corner annotation of patient information, pixel value reporting in native intensity units, pixel position reporting in RAS and IJK
  • Standard reformats of axial, coronal, sagittal
  • Lightbox viewing of a series in axial, coronal, sagittal (status)
  • Large image display (DR and CR)
  • 2D measurements
  • Annotation (status)
  • Reformat
  • Cine
  • Fusion of multiple (modality) image series with a blending overlay display
  • Volume rendering

See the Slicer3 Visual Blog for more images.


Much of the above is either completed or under development. Volume rendering, general reformat, and 2D measurement are on the roadmap but not yet started.