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||'''Nicole Aucoin''', Katie Hayes, Wendy Plesniak, Mathieu Malaterre
||'''Nicole Aucoin''', Katie Hayes, Wendy Plesniak, Mathieu Malaterre
||[http://www.slicer.org/slicerWiki/index.php/Modules:Volumes:Diffusion_Editor-Documentation Diffusion Editor]
||[http://wiki.slicer.org/slicerWiki/index.php/Modules:Volumes:Diffusion_Editor-Documentation-3.6 Diffusion Editor]

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Slicer 3 Developer Page


This page contains links to Slicer3 developer resources and events.

Click here for Slicer3 Events

Slicer 3 Architecture Overview

For more details on the slicer architecture see: Architecture Slides (updated April, 2007).

Quick Links for Developers

This section centrally locates many existing (and developing) wiki pages useful to Slicer3 developers.

Slicer 3 Quick links to the Source code

The Slicer3 svn repository:

svn co http://svn.slicer.org/Slicer3/trunk Slicer3
General Slicer3 Quick Links Debugging Slicer3 Quick Links
Slicer3 build instructions Slicer3 Dashboard (After May 2, 2008)
Use ViewVC to browse the repository Slicer3 Dashboard (Before May 2, 2008)
Instructions for NA-MIC svn Slicer Bug Tracker
Doxygen documentation for Slicer3.
The Slicer3 VisualBlog shows screenshots of slicer developments.
Developers should follow the Slicer 3 Coding Style.

Developers' Mailing List

Discussion of Slicer3 takes place on the slicer-devel at massmail.spl.harvard.edu list. To join developer's mailing list, send a request to: slicer-devel-request at massmail.spl.harvard.edu with the keyword subscribe as the subject. Or access the slicer-devel archives and web administration interface.

Developer Documentation

The following links provide more detail on internal aspects of the code. If you need more information, please follow up with email to the listed developers or the developer mailing list.

Introduction to Slicer3 Key People
Getting the software and troubleshooting
Overall Architecture and Slicer 3 Coding Style
Contributing codes to Slicer3
Three module types (Command line, Loadable, Scriptable) Key People
Integrating with the 3D Slicer Jim and Steve
Command line modules and how to implement one and Tutorial Jim
Medical Reality Modeling Language (MRML) is a language implemented as a type of XML document, with new tags defined to handle medical image data types such as volumes, models or coordinate transforms. MRML Slides
Key People
Creating and using new MRML node types Alex
Keeping references to MRML nodes Alex
How undo/redo works, and how to enable it in your code Alex
GUI Key People
Adding keyboard shortcuts Wendy
GUI style guidelines (undergoing change for move to Qt) Wendy
User-centered design practice Wendy
3DSlicer's logo and visual communication guidelines Wendy
Incorporating your group's logo and attributions Jim
Some experiments/advanced techniques for developing slicer3 interfaces Steve
Engineering Key People
Tips for avoiding memory leaks: Current Practice Steve
Tips for avoiding memory leaks: Suggested change to SmartPointers Jim
Generating tests Bill
Setting up Testing
Build Information
The Launcher
Documenting your module
Infrastructure has been added to link to wiki pages from the "Help & Acknowledgment" panel in your module's GUI. We ask developers to fill out a brief document describing your module and its use. See here for more information.
Key People
Documenting a module with wink
Integrate Slicer3 into a development environment Key People
Original Eclipse Michael Keilhack
Revised Eclipse Instructions Curtis Lisle
Microsoft Visual Studio 200x

Quick Links to Slicer3 Projects

Pending feature requests are stored in the slicer bug tracker with severity setting of 'feature'. Please also refer to the Feature Requests from users when planning your implementations.

Many Slicer related projects are worked on during the NA-MIC Project Events, please check there for recent updates.

Slicer3 Projects Key People
Bold names are responsible for an aspect of the project.
Lookup tables and Ontologies Michael Halle
Data Model / libMRML Alex Yarmarkovich, Steve Pieper
Execution Model / Command Line Modules Jim Miller, Bill Lorensen
User Interface Design Wendy Plesniak, Qt: Julien Finet, Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin. KWWidgets: Sebastien Barre, Yumin Yuan
DTMRI Alex Yarmarkovich with help from Diffusion Images: Raul San Jose Estepar, Tractography: Lauren O'Donnell LMI
Editor Steve Pieper
Image Guided Therapy Haiying Liu
SlicerDaemon Interface (for unu, matlab) Steve Pieper
Batchmake/GRID Integration Julien Jomier, Stephen Aylward
Registration Modules Domink Meier
Python Integration Dan Blezek, Steve Pieper
Volume Rendering using the VTK GPU acclerated Ray Caster Lisa Avila / Sebastien Barre
Loadable Modules Alex Yarmarkovich, Steve Pieper, Terry Lorber
Extensions Steve Pieper, Terry Lorber
Project Snapshots This is list of projects which are not active at this time, or the linked pages show a snapshot of the project at a certain time.
Architecture/Features Steve Pieper, Group: Bill Lorensen, Ron Kikinis, Mike Halle, Noby Hata
Execution Model / Command Line Modules Jim Miller, Bill Lorensen
Interface Design and Usability Wendy Plesniak, KWWidgets: Sebastien Barre, Yumin Yuan
Colors, Fiducials, FreeSurfer, ModelMaker Nicole Aucoin
IGT, Trackers Haiying Liu
EMSegment Interface Kilian Pohl
Build/Test/Deploy System Katie Hayes
Grid Interface Jeff Grethe, Marco Ruiz
Volume Rendering Yanling Liu
XNAT Interface Steve, Wendy, Dan Marcus, Tim Olsen
Web Presence Nicole Aucoin, Zack Galbreath
TimeSeries and Multi-Volume Data Junichi Tokuda, Steve Pieper, Daniel Blezek, Dominik Meier, Wendy Plesniak
Remote Data Handling Steve Pieper, Nicole Aucoin, Wendy Plesniak
Query Atlas Wendy Plesniak
Radiological review Jim Miller
Transition of Selected Slicer2.x Modules to Slicer3 Nicole Aucoin, Katie Hayes, Wendy Plesniak, Mathieu Malaterre
Diffusion Editor Kerstin
MistSlicer Yuichiro Hayashi, Kensaku Mori, Nobuhiko Hata
LDDMM Interface Steve, Anthony Kolasny
Volume Rendering With CUDA (NOT Active) Ben
Loni Pipeline Integration Jags
Slicer3:Performance Analysis Katie Hayes
Threading ToolKit Dan Blezek, James Miller, Stephen Aylward
Brainlab Integration Haiying Liu, Noby Hata, Ron Kikinis

Design Information


Several books are available on the core topics related to slicer programming: