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Subject: Slicer modules for the upcoming 3.6 release

Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2010 07:58:29 -0400 From: Ron Kikinis <kikinis at> Dear friends,

work has begun on the next stable release for Slicer. We are currently aiming at end of May for the release. The plan is to freeze features at the end of this month and to address critical bugs (which are in the bug tracker) during the month of April.

As part of this process we are reviewing which modules to include in the release. Only modules will be included which are compliant with the first five bullet items listed in the page which is linked at the top of this email.

To summarize: A module has to be -feature complete and work, -have a test, -have a meaningful documentation (targeted at biomedical scientists, not computer scientists) -have a meaningful help section in the module (including a link to the slicer wiki) -have an acknowledgment which includes author, lab and funding source

We have started a documentation page for Slicer 3.6 by copying the 3.5 pages.

What I need you to do by Sunday 3/28 if you are the author of one or more modules and or extensions: -Review the modules that are assigned to you. Is that assignment correct? Does the name of the module need to be changed? Is the module in the correct category? Update the wiki page to reflect reality. -Documentation on the wiki: copy the 3.6 documentation template onto a properly renamed page, populate and update the page using the 3.5 version as an update, change the link on the main documentation page and remove the text saying not yet 3.6 -review the source code of the module and update help and acknowledgment. -Send me an email that you are done with these steps

What you need to do by end of April: -make sure your test is green -make sure your module works

Looking forward to hear from you