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Presentation layer design for Slice Controllers

Simplest changes

Sketch 1

version 0
  • Fold options from Main GUI panel into Slice controllers.
  • Group options that are always linked across viewers and
  • Group options that are optionally linked across viewers
  • Make layers more obvious and open option for extending GUI for MORE layers later.
  • QUESTION: do we need a section for options that are NEVER linked across viewers?

Sketch 2

version 1
  • What if Slice number and DICOM number should be persistently visible and move into the viewer's colored bar.
  • Set off layers a little more?
  • Maybe compact things by putting all optionally linkedoptions in one row instead of two

More advanced changes...

Sketch 3

version 3a

  • bringing per-layer options into the layer row itself
  • grouping always-linked and optionally-linked icons
  • instead of FG/BG fade slider, bringing control of opacity into each layer row (note BG is always at 100% and FG/BG fade can be accomplished by reducing opacity of FG layer.
  • layer opacity icon brings up a scale and entry widget?
  • layer visibility sets layer opacity to 100 or 0% -- a quick toggle without having to use the opacity slider/entry
  • option for toggling one layer's interpolation also in layer row.
  • Label layer option toggles label outlines

version 3b
  • In case we don't have room to put all icons in one long row?

Sketch 4

version 4a
  • Setting of the "layers" a little more...

version 4b
  • in case we don't have room to put all icons in one long row...

Sketch 5

version 5a
  • separating optionally-linked and always linked functionality...

version 5b

Sketch 6

version 6 with Ron's comments
version 6 with explanation

  • Modifications to Sketch 5b incorporating Ron's comments.

Sketch 7

version 7a with Ron's comments
version 7a with annotations
version 7b with DICOM # and Slice # linkable...
  • Modifications to Sketch 6 incorporating Ron's comments.
  • Need to clearly indicate the following option types (am I missing any?):
    • per-layer optionally linked across viewers (e.g. set FG layer to greyscale1.nrrd in one or all slice viewer)
    • to all (or appropriate) layers, optionally linked across viewers (e.g. Fit-to-window)
    • to all (or appropriate) layers, always linked across viewers (e.g. crosshairs-on)
    • are there any options that are NEVER linked across viewers?
  • Note: no buttons have outline unless mouse-over to minimize visual clutter.
  • Optionally linked controls in one group, "Always" linked controls in other group.
  • "Visibility" On/Off in each layer's row means Layer opacity = 100%/0% (for quick control.)
  • "Visibility" On/Off in always-linked control panel means "Show/Hide in all 3D viewers".
  • Optional FG/BG toggle (Ron asks do we still want to offer this as a convenience if we also have ability to turn layers on/off?
  • Slice number and DICOM number appear in colored viewer bar so they are always visible/editable.
  • Interpolation Toggle available per-layer (scalar volumes)
  • Label map outlines toggle available per-layer (label map volumes)
  • Can extend this design later to include additional layers.
  • Can extend this to "select" a layer by clicking on its name.
  • Comments/Corrections please!

Sketch 8

version 8 addressing Julien's comments
version 8 with annotations
  • Possibly easier to implement grouping box on Qt side?
  • Moving 3D viewer visibility icon into optionally-linked group.

Sketch 9

version 9a addressing Julien's comments about widget being too wide.
  • Leaving out the FG|BG toggle (tho it can go back in if required
  • Breaking the layout into two rows in case the widget is too wide...

version 9b addressing Julien's comments about widget being too wide and having too many icons possibly being overwhelming for users.
  • Hiding *some* optionally-linked tools under an 'advanced options' menu...

Sketch 10

version 10 addressing Ron's comments.
  • Leaving out anno functionality
  • Moving reformat widget to top level (not hidden under extra-tools menu