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===Sketch 4===
===Sketch 4===
[[image:SliceControllerV4.png | center |thumb | 400 px |version 4a]]
[[image:SliceControllerV4.png | center |thumb | 400 px |version 4a]]
* Setting of the "layers" a little more...
[[image:SliceControllerV5.png | center |thumb | 400 px |version 4b]]
[[image:SliceControllerV5.png | center |thumb | 400 px |version 4b]]
* in case we don't have room to put all icons in one long row...

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Presentation layer design for Slice Controllers

Simplest changes

Sketch 1

version 0
  • Fold options from Main GUI panel into Slice controllers.
  • Group options that are always linked across viewers and
  • Group options that are optionally linked across viewers
  • Make layers more obvious and open option for extending GUI for MORE layers later.
  • QUESTION: do we need a section for options that are NEVER linked across viewers?

Sketch 2

version 1
  • What if Slice number and DICOM number should be persistently visible and move into the viewer's colored bar.
  • Set off layers a little more?
  • Maybe compact things by putting all optionally linkedoptions in one row instead of two

More advanced changes...

Sketch 3

version 3a

  • bringing per-layer options into the layer row itself
  • grouping always-linked and optionally-linked icons
  • instead of FG/BG fade slider, bringing control of opacity into each layer row (note BG is always at 100% and FG/BG fade can be accomplished by reducing opacity of FG layer.
  • layer opacity icon brings up a scale and entry widget?
  • layer visibility sets layer opacity to 100 or 0% -- a quick toggle without having to use the opacity slider/entry
  • option for toggling one layer's interpolation also in layer row.
  • Label layer option toggles label outlines

version 3b
  • In case we don't have room to put all icons in one long row?

Sketch 4

version 4a
  • Setting of the "layers" a little more...

version 4b
  • in case we don't have room to put all icons in one long row...

Sketch 5

version 5a

version 5b

Sketch 6

version 6 with Ron's comments
version 6 with explanation

  • Modifications to Sketch 5b incorporating Ron's comments.

Sketch 7

version 7 with Ron's comments
version 7 with explanation

  • Modifications to Sketch 6 incorporating Ron's comments.
  • Need to clearly indicate the following option types (am I missing any?):
    • per-layer optionally linked across viewers (e.g. set FG layer to greyscale1.nrrd in one or all slice viewer)
    • to all (or appropriate) layers, optionally linked across viewers (e.g. Fit-to-window)
    • to all (or appropriate) layers, always linked across viewers (e.g. crosshairs-on)
    • are there any options that are NEVER linked across viewers?
  • Note: no buttons have outline unless mouse-over to minimize visual clutter.
  • Optionally linked controls in one group, "Always" linked controls in other group.
  • "Visibility" On/Off in each layer's row means Layer opacity = 100%/0% (for quick control.)
  • "Visibility" On/Off in always-linked control panel means "Show/Hide in all 3D viewers".
  • Optional FG/BG toggle (Ron asks do we still want to offer this as a convenience if we also have ability to turn layers on/off?
  • Interpolation Toggle available per-layer
  • Label map outlines toggle available per-layer
  • Can extend this design later to include additional layers.
  • Can extend this to "select" a layer by clicking on its name.
  • Comments/Corrections please!