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This page is a place to organize and prioritize development activities into a roadmap based on input of Slicer community and the needs of funded projects (NA-MIC, NAC, NCIGT, SlicerRT, etc...)

The list of issues targeted for each release are reported on mantis:

The topics listed below includes Slicer application and dependent ToolKit. For the specific strategy and feature lists covering modules and extensions, visit their respective roadmaps and other documentation.


As of February, 2013

  • ITKv4 integration
  • Ability to install python package using pip
  • Improve extension catalog frontend
  • Faster Slicer start time
  • Support of python command line module
  • Walk-thru documentation that clearly shows new developers step-by-step instructions to create and publish extensions.

Deprecation roadmap

List of deprecated methods / classes:

Mantis tag Deprecation:


  • Library - ITKv3 support will be removed from build system.


  • const std::vector<vtkMRMLDisplayNode*>& vtkMRMLDisplayableNode::GetDisplayNodes(); - Obsolete utility function that provides an unsafe API. Please use GetNumberOfDisplayNodes() and GetNthDisplayNode() instead
  • CMake - Macro slicerMacroBuildQtModule will be renamed into slicerMacroBuildLoadableModule. See #2648
  • CMake - Macro slicerMacroBuildScriptedModule should be used to build Scripted modules. See here for an example.
  • Rename / Move - vtkSlicerTransformLogic will be renamed into vtkSlicerTransformModuleLogic and moved into Modules/Loadable/Transform/Logic - Consider updating the CMakeLists.txt and code of your modules. See instruction here. Associated issue #2926
  • Library - ITKv3 support is deprecated / not maintained.
  • Scripted module should be built using SlicerMacroBuildScriptedModule instead of ctkMacroCompilePythonScript. See here.
  • Generic tests associated with Loadable and Scripted module should be built specifying the WITH_GENERIC_TESTS option. See r21768.
  • Test driver associated with loadable module should be configured using SlicerMacroConfigureModuleCxxTestDriver. See r21769.


  • CMake - CMake 2.8.4 will be required. Macro Pre283CMakeParseArguments.cmake will be removed. See ce620580
  • CMake - Macro slicerMacroBuildCLI will be removed. Use SEMMacroBuildCLI instead.
  • CMake - Parameter CLI_SHARED_LIBRARY_WRAPPER_CXX of macro SEMMacroBuildCLI is removed. Use CLI_LIBRARY_WRAPPER_CXX instead.



  • CMake - Macro slicerMacroBuildCLI marked as deprecated. See r21634 and r17781.
  • CMake - Parameter CLI_SHARED_LIBRARY_WRAPPER_CXX of macro slicerMacroBuildCLI / SEMMacroBuildCLI is deprecated. Use CLI_LIBRARY_WRAPPER_CXX instead.

API Changes roadmap


  • CMake - Minimum required CMake version will be 2.8.11 for all platforms.
  • MRML - Default value for HideFromEditors will be change to False. See #2906


  • CMake - Minimum required CMake version will be 2.8.9 for Windows/Linux, CMake 2.8.11 for MacOSX - See r21682
  • Library - ITKv4 will be enabled by default - See r21688
  • Library - Qt 4.8.4 will be the recommended/required version
  • Core - Removed unused class Base/Logic/vtkSlicerROILogic - See r21744
  • Move Editor icons from "Base/Logic" into "EditorLib/Resources/Icons". See r21765
  • CMake - Macro slicer_parse_arguments has been removed. Consider using cmake_parse_arguments instead. See CMakeParseArguments - See r21774
  • Slicer default Python version is 2.7.3 - See r21863, r21867, r21869, r21879, r21891