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This page list the resources related to Slicer and who should be contacted in case of problem.

Name Description Status Host Contact(s)
Slicer domain NA SPL
Github GitHub NA
Slicer Discourse NA Discourse NA
SVN, NA Kitware <email></email>
SVN Repository Listing NA Kitware NA
Slicer wiki NA SPL
CTK wiki NA Kitware <email></email>
Mailing List slicer-devel, slicer-user (retired since April 2017) NA SPL NA NA Kitware <email></email>
Bug tracker NA SPL
Slicer Doxygen, generated by Slicer/slicer-apidocs-builder NA Kitware <email></email>
Slicer PubDB NA SPL Michael Halle <email></email>, <email></email>
Slicer Packages and Data NA Kitware <email></email>
macOS signing server (Kitware internal network) ssh NA Kitware <email></email>