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* [http://www.na-mic.org/Wiki/index.php/Iowa_Meshing_Tutorial Meshing Tutorial]
* [http://www.na-mic.org/Wiki/index.php/Iowa_Meshing_Tutorial Meshing Tutorial]
** Data Set 1
** Data Set 1
* [https://mri.radiology.uiowa.edu/downloads/IA-FEMesh_Manual_version1.pdf Users Guide]
===Quick Tour of Features and Use===
===Quick Tour of Features and Use===

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User Interface

General Information

Module Type & Category

Type: Interactive

Category: Wizard

Authors, Collaborators & Contact

  • Nicole Grosland: The University of Iowa - Affiliation & logo, if desired
  • Vincent Magnotta: The University of Iowa - Affiliation & logo, if desired
  • Kiran Shivanna: The University of Iowa - Affiliation & logo, if desired
  • Steve Pieper: Affiliation & logo, if desired
  • Curt Lisle: KnowledgeViz
  • Contact: Nicole Grosland (grosland at engineering dot uiowa dot edu) or Vincent Magnotta (vincent-magnotta at uiowa dot edu)

Module Description

This module allows the creation and editing of volumetric meshes. Polygonal surfaces in VTK or STL format are imported to begin the process. Then a unique and intuitive bounding surface (called Building Blocks) are created interactively by the user and used to guide automated meshing algorithms. The module includes visualization and analysis reports of the quality of mesh elements. Meshes can be written out in Abaqus or VTK format for later processing.


Use Cases, Examples

This module is especially appropriate for these use cases:

  • Use Case 1:
  • Use Case 2:

Examples of the module in use:

  • Example 1
  • Example 2


Links to tutorials explaining how to use this module:

Quick Tour of Features and Use

A list panels in the interface, their features, what they mean, and how to use them. For instance:

  • Input panel:
    • First input
    • Second input
  • Parameters panel:
    • First parameter
    • Second parameter
  • Output panel:
    • First output
    • Second output
  • Viewing panel:
User Interface


Notes from the Developer(s)

Algorithms used, library classes depended upon, use cases, etc.


Other modules or packages that are required for this module's use.


On the Dashboard, these tests verify that the module is working on various platforms:

Known bugs

Links to known bugs in the Slicer3 bug tracker

Usability issues

Follow this link to the Slicer3 bug tracker. Please select the usability issue category when browsing or contributing.

Source code & documentation

Links to the module's source code:

Source code:

Doxygen documentation:

More Information


Include funding and other support here.


Publications related to this module go here. Links to pdfs would be useful.