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General Information

Module Type & Category

Type: CLI

Category: Registration

Authors, Collaborators & Contact

  • Author1: Hans Johnson, University of Iowa
  • Contributor1: Kent WIlliams, University of Iowa
  • Contact: Hans Johnson, hans-johson at

Module Description

BRAINSROIAuto is a program whose purpose is to automatically generate a Binary Image (or Mask) to encompass the region in an brain image volume occupied by the brain.


In general, BRAINSROIAuto takes a brain image volume, and generates a mask without requiring parameter tweaking.

Quick Tour of Features and Use

  • IO Parameters
    • Input Image Volume: Image for which mask should be generated
    • Output Mask: Output binary image volume, defining the mask.
    • Output Image Clipped by ROI: Optional image volume generated by masking the input image with the generated mask.
  • Configuration Parameters
    • Otsu Percentile Threshold: At what percentile should the Otsu Thresholding algorithm begin masking.
    • Otsu Correction Factor: Used to scale the Otsu algorithm's results in cases where the mask generated is incorrect.
    • Closing Size: The size for the largest void to fill in the mask, in voxels.
    • Output Image Pixel Type: the scalar type of the masked output volume.
User Interface


Notes from the Developer(s)


BRAINSFit depends on Slicer3 (for the SlicerExecutionModel support) and ITK.


TODO: Link to BRAINS3 and/or Slicer3 dashboard tests.

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