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Type: Interactive

Category: Registration

Authors, Collaborators & Contact

  • Author: Tom Vercauteren : Institut National de Recherche En Informatique Et En Automatique
  • Contributor: Hans J. Johnson : University of Iowa
  • Contributor2: Kent WIlliams : University of Iowa
  • Contact: Hans J. Johnson

Module Description

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BrainDemonsWarp is a command line program for image registration by using different methods including Thirion and diffeomorphic demons algorithms. The function takes in a template image and a target image along with other optional parameters and registers the template image onto the target image. The resultant deformation fields and metric values can be written to a file. The program uses the Insight Toolkit ( for all the computations, and can operate on any of the image types supported by that library.

Use Cases, Examples

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Examples of the module in use:

  • Example 1
  • Example 2


Links to tutorials explaining how to use this module:

  • Tutorial 1
    • Data Set 1

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