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This page is intended to provide links to places where Slicer Users can get help.

Discourse Forum

The most effective way to get help from the community is through the Slicer Discussion Forum:

Training and Documentation

  • The Training page provides a series of courses for learning how to use Slicer4. The portfolio contains self-guided presentation and sample data sets.
  • Reference manual style documentation for Slicer4 can be found on the Slicer Wiki.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

We maintain a curated list of questions and answers for both users and developers:

Downloading Slicer

  • Slicer is free open source software and is distributed under a BSD license. Please read the Slicer License Agreement, if you use Slicer.
  • Compiled binaries are accessible through the Slicer Download page.

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

In order to file a bug report, please use the Slicer bug tracker:

For feature requests, please discuss on the Slicer Forum first. An existing or adaptable solution will often be suggested.

Mailing List (discontinued) Archives

Prior to Discourse, support and development discussions were conducted on several mailing lists, for which 10+ years of archives are available: