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This page is intended to provide links to places where Slicer Users can get help.
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=Discourse Forum=
The most effective way to get help from the community is through the Slicer Discussion Forum:
* https://discourse.slicer.org
=Training and Documentation=
*The [[Documentation/{{documentation/currentversion}}/Training|Training page]] provides a series of courses for learning how to use Slicer4. The portfolio contains self-guided presentation and sample data sets.
*Reference manual style [[Documentation/{{documentation/currentversion}}|documentation]] for Slicer4 can be found on the Slicer Wiki.
=Frequently Asked Questions FAQs=
We maintain a curated list of questions and answers for both users and developers:
* [[Documentation/{{documentation/currentversion}}/FAQ | Users FAQ]]
* [[Documentation/{{documentation/currentversion}}/Developers/FAQ | Developers FAQ]]
=Downloading Slicer=
*Slicer is free open source software and is distributed under a BSD license. Please read the [[Projects/slicerWeb:LicenseText| Slicer License Agreement]], if you use Slicer.
*Compiled binaries are accessible through the [http://download.slicer.org Slicer Download] page.
=Bug Reports and Feature Requests=
In order to file a bug report, please use the Slicer bug tracker:
* Visit '''http://www.na-mic.org/Bug/signup_page.php'''
** Log in or create an account.
** then click on the '''Report Issue''' link in your browser.
* See [[Documentation/{{documentation/currentversion}}/Report_a_problem|here]] for additional tips on reporting issues.
For feature requests, please discuss on the Slicer Forum first. An existing or adaptable solution will often be suggested.
* https://discourse.slicer.org
=Mailing List (discontinued) Archives=
Prior to Discourse, support and development discussions were conducted on several mailing lists, for which 10+ years of archives are available:
* [http://massmail.spl.harvard.edu/public-archives/slicer-users slicer-users (usage questions) archive ].
** ([http://slicer-users.65878.n3.nabble.com/ searchable Nabble mirror])
* [http://massmail.spl.harvard.edu/public-archives/slicer-devel slicer-devel (programming questions) archive]
** ([http://slicer-devel.65872.n3.nabble.com/ searchable Nabble mirror])

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