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  1. Create tutorials
  2. Upload them into the Dashboard
  3. Create metrics :
    1. Compare the scene view
    2. Snapshot/Screenshot
    3. ...

List of known issues

Below, all the known issues which will not work during a testing.

  • To resize the application - ctkVTKRenderView issue
  • To use a native menu bar - This Option is disable when we are using QtTesting
  • To use a widget which is in a menu/sub menu
  • To use a QToolButton after a click in qt_expand_button, ex: Toolbar. (work in progress)
  • To play a script in a different machine


Summary for tutorials. Tutorial can be uploaded to the dashboard, in progress or not done.

Name State Notes
Slicer3Minute Tutorial linux-icon.png In Progress
Slicer3Visualization Tutorial linux-icon.png In Progress
Programming in Slicer4 Tutorial Not Done
Manual Registration Not Done