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= Screenshots =
= Screenshots =
<gallery widths="400px" perrow="4" heights="200">
Image:SlicerQtTesting.png|QtTesting running on Slicer4 with 2 scripts
Image:QtTestingPlayerWidget.png|QtTesting player widget. Users can interact -Pause/Stop/Step by step - with the script.

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Previews wiki page for this topic : QtTesting library, CTKQtTesting


  • Create tutorials
  • Upload them into the Dashboard
  • Create metrics :
    • Compare the scene view
    • Snapshot/Screenshot
    • ...


Summary for tutorials. Tutorial can be uploaded to the dashboard, in progress or not done.

Name State Notes
Slicer3Minute Tutorial linux-icon.png In Progress
Slicer3Visualization Tutorial linux-icon.png In Progress
Programming in Slicer4 Tutorial Not Done
Manual Registration Not Done