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Slicer QtTesting

Lazy to do the same actions over and over, QtTesting is the answer ! This library provides Slicer3D to record and play macros, by the easiest way. A easy record interface to show you, on time, what you are recording, and a simple and smart player to control how you want to play back your script. QtTesting records all accomplished actions, since you have started the record until you stopped it, without any inputs from the user ! "Create a puppet and let it do it the rest ... "

Slicer developers already use this library to record tutorials and test Slicer3D application.


How to Start

  • Go to Edit and click to the action Record Macro to start to record all your events.

The record dialog will appear at the bottom left of the application

Record dialog :

  • Show you the last event recorded
  • Numbers of events recorded

You can now stop the record when you want by clicking on the Stop button

Save your macro

  • After stopped the record, a dialog will appear to allow you to save your macro.



How to Start

  • Go to Edit and click to the action Play Macro to start to play back.

Player dialog :

  • Controler widget
    • Start, pause, stop or play by step your macro.
    • Log check button, allow you to Show/Hide messages about events.
    • Change the Time step to control the speed.
  • Player tab : Default tab
    • Show you the macro file played.
  • Info tab :
    • SHow you the last event played.

250px QtTestintPlayererDialog.jpg

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