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Introduction and Acknowledgements

Extension: Image Feature Extraction
Author: Antonio Carlos da S. Senra Filho and Fabrício Henrique Simozo, CSIM Laboratory (University of Sao Paulo, Department of Computing and Mathematics)
Contact: Fabrício Henrique Simozo, <email></email>

CSIM Laboratory  
University of Sao Paulo  
CAPES Brazil  

Module Description

This module offers a simple application ...

Use Cases

  • Use Case 1: ...
    • When dealing ...

Panels and their use

User Interface


  • Input Volume
    • Select the input image
  • Output Volume
    • Set the output image file which the filters should place the final result

Diffusion Parameters:

  • Conductance
    • The conductance regulates the diffusion intensity in the neighborhood area. Choose a higher conductance if the input image has strong noise seem in the whole image space.
  • Use Auto Conductance
    • Choose if you want to use an automatic adjustment of conductance parameter. If this is checked, the inserted value is ignored and the optimization function below is used.

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Information for Developers