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{{documentation/{{documentation/version}}/module-section|Introduction and Acknowledgements}}
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:'''Author(s)/Contributor(s):''' Jim Miller (GE), Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin (Kitware), Wendy Plesniak (BWH), Steve Pieper (Isomics), Ron Kikinis (BWH)<br>
: '''Acknowledgements:''' This work is part of the [http://www.na-mic.org/ National Alliance for Medical Image Computing] (NA-MIC), funded by the National Institutes of Health through the NIH Roadmap for Medical Research, Grant U54 EB005149.<br>
: '''Contact:''' Jim Miller, <email>millerjv@ge.com</email><br>
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{{documentation/{{documentation/version}}/module-section|Module Description}}
[[Image:ViewControllers-2011-11-25.png|thumb|right|280px|View Controllers]]
The View Controllers module provides access to nodes controlling multiple views within a single panel. A view is a display of data packed within layout. Slice Views and 3D Views are two types of views that can appear in a layout and whose controls can also be accessed from the View Controllers module. Each type of view has a separate section of the View Controllers panel. For example, the Slice Controllers are grouped together, followed by the 3D Controllers. An extra panel allows an alternative control over a Slice View. Note that by clicking on the pin in the upper right corner of each Slice Viewer, the same options are displayed.
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{{documentation/{{documentation/version}}/module-section|Use Cases}}
Most frequently used for these scenarios:
* Controlling Slice Views while maximizing the screen real estate for images with the view.
* Controlling 3D Views without having to expand the controller within the view.
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{{documentation/{{documentation/version}}/module-section|Panels and their use}}
[[Image:ViewControllers.png|thumb|right|280px|View Controllers]]
* '''Slice Controllers:''' Slice Controllers for each of the Slice Views visible in the current layout. This is the same controller that is accessible from the bar at the top of a Slice View. It provides access to select the content (foreground, background, label) as well as control reformation, linking, visibility in the 3D view, lightbox, etc.
* '''3D Controllers:''' Controllers for each 3D View. This is the same controller that is accessible from the bar at the top of a 3D View. It provides access to the view direction, zooming, spinning, rocking, etc.
* '''Slice Information:''' An alternative panel to control geometric parameters of a Slice View (field of view, lightbox, slice spacing).
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{{documentation/{{documentation/version}}/module-section|Similar Modules}}
* Slice Controller on the Slice View
* 3D Controller on the 3D View
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{{documentation/{{documentation/version}}/module-section|Information for Developers}}
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